Where does your money go?

When you donate to Urim and Thummim Child-Care Trust, you have actually made an investment. We call it an investment because it will bear returns Some of them are:

  • You will help end the cycle of poverty by enabling children stay in school.
  • You will accord women the opportunity to earn and support their families.
  • You will help build resilience against hunger and malnutrition.

Here are some of the ways you can make your invaluable and much needed donation to Urim and Thummim Child-Care Trust:

How your donation dollars are spent

Ways to give to Urim and Thummim

Western Union

  • You can donate cash to Urim through Western Union Money Transfer.
  • Name: Alice Chinzengo
  • Please be sure to share the details such as Money Transfer Control Number and amount sent.

Donate Online

Use your credit or debit card to donate

  • You can securely donate using your credit or debit card to Urim through GivenGain.
  • All your contributions will come through less applicable fees. Please email us if you would like to receive an official receipt. All funds received online are available to Urim after 14 days.

Mobile Money

  • If you are in Malawi, Zambia or South Africa, you can donate by Airtel Money, Paisa or Zoona. It’s quick and easy
  • Please send your donations to:
  • +265-999-280946

Want to touch a specific life instead?

You could as well make a difference from as little as $50 a month…